How to Put on a Great Exhibition

Do you want to wow your clients? Blow away the competition? Then put on a fantastic exhibition and your brands and products will shine.

First of all get the right look – your stand is your shop window, it needs to display exactly what you want to say – so make sure you really know what it is you want to declare. Is it to sell, launch or promote a product?

Know your objectives – hand-pick the staff that will be working and make sure they understand completely the idea behind the exhibition and are well briefed. Your staff are your brand ambassadors.

Get creative in your set design, use lighting, sound – visuals are always impactful, banners, signs and posters.

According to marketing data 75% of exhibition visitors come planning to buy or have plans to buy in the future. So ensuring your product stands out and your staff are knowledgable provides your brand with strength and places your product firmly in front of potential customers or clients.

Of course, here at The Amazing Tent Company we firmly believe that a fantastic venue is the secret to your success, and with our experience in marketing and exhibitions we are well placed to provide you with everything you need to ensure your exhibition is a triumph.



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