How to make corporate training events more fun

Do your employees currently roll their eyes and sigh heavily whenever the words ‘company training day’ or ‘team building exercise’ are mentioned? If so, you might need to come up with a new strategy to get your team to engage with essential corporate events and make them actually want to attend.

Here are a few ideas:

Switch venues

If you use the same venue year after year, it might be time for a change. Think outside the box and choose a more exciting and unusual venue, such as an old castle, a camp in the forest or maybe a large marquee if it’s a big corporate event.

Head outdoors

People are much more motivated and energised when they’re out in the fresh air, so why not take your event outside? You can’t predict the weather, but if you go for an event tent, you’ll have cover in case it rains. This also gives you lots of scope for outdoor activities, as well as letting a little of the great outdoors into your venue.

Rethink the programme

Changing the programme of activities, speakers and seminars is a good way to keep things interesting for long-standing employees who’ve attended a lot of corporate events. Doing the same thing every year will only send them to sleep, so switch things up a bit.

Don’t forget the fun!

You want to pack as much into your corporate events as possible, but don’t forget to give your team some breathing room to relax and have fun.

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