How to de-stress your wedding

Wedding planning can be hugely stressful, which is ridiculous when you think about it – as it’s supposed to be an exciting time leading up to the happiest day of your life.
If you want to avoid a major meltdown that could ruin your big day, here are the 10 essential tips you need to de-stress your wedding.


1. Give yourself more time. It’s easy to underestimate the amount of time and work that goes into planning a wedding, but squishing everything into a tight schedule will do nothing but push your heart rate up. Why not slow down and push back the date of your wedding a few months? It’ll give you time to plan calmly and actually enjoy the process.

2. Assemble a planning committee and delegate. As amazing as you may be, you are only human and you will really stress yourself out by trying to do absolutely everything yourself. There’s nothing wrong in asking for help and getting other people involved in the wedding planning – most of your close friends and family will likely be delighted to help out! Form a planning committee and start delegating tasks to reduce your workload.

3. Get all the big things booked early. With your date set, venue booked, registrar pencilled in, caterers contacted and dress bought, you can relax just a little bit. With your event tent booked and ready to set up in your dream location, a gorgeous dress (or suit) to wear and food and drink for your guests to eat – this means your wedding can go ahead. Everything else, while important, is just window dressing. But don’t rest on your laurels!

4. Book everything else immediately after. You might think you have all the time in the world to plan all of those little things, but there will soon come a time when lots of tiny but crucial decisions need to be made all at once. This can be really stressful! Eliminate last minute panics by getting everything out of the way as early as you can, then all you’ll need to do is make little adjustments later on.

5. Have everything in the same place. If you put up your event tent for the reception in a space near to your accommodation for the night, or near the church you want to tie the knot in, it makes everything so much easier for you and your guests. There’s less transport to organise and fewer logistical problems to sort out, plus it could save you money on things like car hire and taxis.

6. Plan for every eventuality. It might not rain on the day, but having a large marquee in place anyway means that this is one unexpected problem you won’t have to lift a finger to resolve. It’s this kind of thinking, where you always have a Plan B in the wings, which makes wedding planning less stressful, as you know you have all the “what ifs?” covered.

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