How to create and manage zones in your conference tent

SaddleSpan tents are great venues for conferences. This kind of tent can be sited in virtually any location in the UK where there is enough space, it has plenty of room for all delegates and importantly – it offers something a bit different to people who have been to a lot of conferences.

Can everyone hear me at the back?

There can be a few issues with event tents for conferences if you don’t plan the space properly. With a large number of delegates and one speaker at the front, it can be difficult to properly engage everyone, especially those sitting at the back. It can be virtually impossible to get a discussion or a debate going with so many people all in one place, so you’re going to do something different with the space.

Another potential problem involves trying to create a little variety with your event. If you want other speakers/sessions/meetings to take place at the same time as the main speaker, you might find that these are dominated and interrupted by the main event, which takes place in the bigger or central part of the venue.

The solution? Create zones

One of the main benefits of SaddleSpans for conferences, apart from the space and the fact that they can be located anywhere, is that they can be configured and reconfigured to suit your needs. These tents are modular, so they can be added to and redesigned in the best way for your conference. This makes creating zones far easier, as you can site different sessions and events in completely different parts of the tent. For example, if you hire a TriSpan tent, you can use each of the three sections for different things, with perhaps the showcase event in the very centre.

You can create:

• A conference area, a breakout space and a refreshment room
• A seminar, a keynote speech by a guest speaker and a networking space
• A multi-industry event, where each of the three sections is dedicated to a different but related industry
• Video conference, teleconference and face-to-face conference spaces
• One central, 360 degree focal point, with seating in each of the three sections of the TriSpan facing the central stage

The options for multi-zone conferences are practically limitless. However, it’s up to you to clearly define and manage each zone. Here are a few tips:

• Clearly mark and define each zone – delegates need to understand how the space works to get the most from the event
• Link zones together – while defining each zone, remember that each is part of the same conference, so it needs some connection with the other zones and the central point
• Leave space for breakout and refreshment areas, as well as welcome and reception facilities – it can’t be all business, all the time, after all
• Don’t forget about networking! This is one of the main reasons many delegates will be attending the conference, so give over a generously sized area and make every effort to make networking easier.

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