How to create a day-to-night corporate event venue

Corporate events hardly ever last just an afternoon. To create an enjoyable and rewarding experience for attendees and to fit in every single item on the agenda, they can often last a day or even a whole weekend.

What this means is that the venue you choose needs to work doubly hard. In the daytime, it needs to be a professional, fit for purpose space that meets all the demands and challenges of the event. It’ll be set up for key speakers, seminars and demonstrations, as well as fitting in catering, breakout and networking spaces. There’ll be a reception area, information point and vital facilities such as toilets and plenty of seating.

By night, however, the space will need to transform into one suitable for entertaining. Gala dinners, discos and awards presentations will all need to be held here, so how do you accommodate both? There’s an awful lot of stuff, setup and preparation involved with the daytime look, so is it feasible to change things up completely for the night-time, in just a matter of hours?

Yes, it is most certainly possible, but you’ll need to be clever in your planning. Here are 6 of the best ways you can create a day-to-night corporate event venue:

  1. Choose a versatile venue. This is by far the most important factor. A building can be hard to alter, unless there’s a dedicated in-house team with experience in changing everything around without disrupting the day’s activities. A more versatile and customisable option might be corporate event tents, which can be configured to meet your exact needs thanks to their modular design.


  1. Use zoning – it’s the event planner’s best friend. Leading on from the suggestion to use event tents as your venue, there’s another reason why this might be a good idea. With large marquees such as the SaddleSpan, you can add on extra sections and shapes to create ‘zones’, especially with the TriSpan and DuoSpan configurations. Not only is this useful for the daytime, allowing you to run several activities at the same time, but you can also prepare certain zones for the evening without causing disruption in the daytime. For example, you can close off an area when seminars are over for the day and prepare the stage area in the same space.


  1. Use technology to decorate the space. Decorating and branding a space with digital displays, screens and coloured lighting can make it much easier to change the décor ready for the evening.


  1. Invest in a great lighting scheme. Lighting can significantly change the mood of a space to help it go from day to night, and it’s much easier to pre-programme than changing décor from scratch. This is why it’s worth getting in a lighting specialist and investing some money in it.


  1. Recruit a big team of helpers! To get everything ready in the short window between day and evening sessions, you’re going to need a big crew of helpers on the ground, along with a schedule for when everything needs to be completed by.


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