How to cosy up your event tent in the darker months

Winter events

Even though it’s wetter and darker, don’t be put off having an event in autumn or winter. It can be just as fantastic as the summer months – sometimes even more. We let you in on our top tips to creating a magical, cosy event fit for the season.  

Warming it up 

Before you even begin to think about how to decorate the space, you need to think about the heating. There are many different options to heating up an event tent, but your top priority must always be choosing the safest option.  

One of these options is an indirect diesel heater which sits outside the tent and provides warm air through duct pipes. Or you could go for thermostat-controlled heaters which are fantastic for large spaces. We’d advise consulting with a tent specialist before making your decision. Our team can help!  

Light up the night 

The lighting you decide will be pinnacle in setting the mood of the event. To make an event cosy, you need soft, warm lighting that’s easy on the eye. We suggest fairy lights or lamps that are spotted around to give it a bit of atmosphere.  

Cook up a storm 

If you’re providing food at your event, think of comfort foods. A hot jacket potato, a sizzling macaroni cheese, or a spicy chilli. This is just an extra touch to keeping your guests warm and satisfied.  

If you’re looking for a hot drink to warm your guests’ bellies, what’s better than a hot chocolate with a mountain of marshmallows. Alternatively, an alcoholic option could be warm cider or mulled wine.   

Time to make it snug 

Once the essentials are covered, you’ll be wanting to decorate it to create optimum snugness. If your event is in the autumn, be sure to use warm orange and reds. There’ll also be plenty of pumpkins around at this time which make for nice decoration – whether you carve them or fill them with flowers.  

If you’re having seating areas, you could also provide fluffy blankets and pillows to really set the scene. This will help keep your guests warm and give off a cool Scandi vibe.   

Warming entertainment 

Now as much as we want the event to be cosy, we still want people to be awake. So, booking some entertainment will keep your guests engaged. If you’re looking to get your guests giggling think about booking a comedian or a drag queen. We just hope you’re not sitting on the front row.  

We hope these tips will help you on your way to having the snuggest event possible.  

If you have an upcoming event in 2024, we’d like to help you with your event tent needs. Find our full range of SaddleSpan tents here. 

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