How to choose the right size tent for your event

Putting on a large event with a lot of guests involves a huge amount of planning. There is so much to organise and so many things that could go wrong (let’s not think about that right now).

It all starts with finding the right venue, and if you have your heart set on an event tent or marquee then you’re going to need to pick the right size. This is crucial – choose a tent that is too small and you won’t be able to fit all of your guests inside comfortably, or you could even breach fire regulations. A tent that is too big can be just as bad, you’ll spend a lot more on large marquee hire and your tent will feel too empty.

Here’s how to get the right size tent for your event:

1. Plan out how the space inside the tent will be used. If some parts of the tent will be used as bar areas, VIP spaces or backstage areas, they can’t be used for guests. The same goes for tables and other equipment or furniture that will take up space. This will limit the amount of people you can fit in.

2. Always give yourself extra room to play with. A small amount of excess space is OK, as you can fill it with furniture or decorations, or rearrange the layout. However, if you hire a tent that fits exactly the number of guests, there’s always the risk of running out of room.

3. Get an accurate idea of how many people are coming. Don’t just wait to see if they turn up on the day – get people to RSVP or buy tickets so you can get some definite ideas of numbers.

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