How to choose the right cover for your outdoor event

If you’re hosting an outdoor event in the UK, there are probably a few key concerns that you’ll want your temporary event cover to resolve. Chief amongst them will be the weather. Rain can lead to cancelled events, but also sun can be an issue if you don’t have enough shade, so temporary cover is essential come rain or shine.

When you’re looking to hire temporary cover, you might also be thinking about capacity, what it looks likes, how you can use the space, where you can put it and maybe even aspects like the acoustics if you’re holding a concert or music festival.

The beauty of a SaddleSpan is in its flexibility. Saddlespans come in different shapes and sizes, but most Spans can connect to each other to create bigger areas and different shaped spaces (such as the TriSpan and the QuadSpan). They can also be erected on any surface, be it grass or hard-standing, which means you’re not restricted on location.

Here are some key event considerations, and suggestions for cover:


The UK’s weather isn’t best known for its predictability, and summer is no guarantee of sunshine either, so any outdoor event needs some form of cover from the rain and sun. All SaddleSpan tents are waterproof and will shield the sun, creating plenty of shade. If you simply want some cover to keep the rain off, then open smaller spans like the S1000 TriSpan, or the S2000 SaddleSpan are a good choice. If you really want to keep guests dry, warm and protected, or create fully shaded enclosed areas, then the S5000 with enclosed sides would be a good option.

Number of guests

The number of guests you need to accommodate will really inform the choice of your temporary event structure. As we’ve mentioned above, SaddleSpans are flexible, and with the S5000 we can create a range of size and shaped structures to suit your needs. Our SaddleSpans have been hired for parties for around hundred guests, right up to 5,000+ people. Speak to our friendly team to get an idea of what floor capacity you need for your number of guests.

The wow-factor

Just as important as anything else is making sure your event looks fantastic, and your event cover plays a big role in that. SaddleSpan tents are uniquely smooth and stylish in their shape and appearance. They are used for everything from college balls, to outdoor broadcasting, to festival stages. And they have been used in beautiful surroundings like Woburn Abbey, for their annual garden show. You can brand your SaddleSpan to enhance a corporate event, or ask about internal coloured swagging for a party look.


SaddleSpan tents are routinely used for stage cover, at concerts and music festivals. They not only look great, and ensure the stage is fully covered from the elements, but they also have excellent acoustic properties. The S5000 is the most popular stage cover, followed by the S2000.

Space and flexibility

How and what your event is for will dictate the space you need inside your cover. Unlike standard rectangle marquees, SaddleSpans can create a range of flexible spaces and unique shapes for all types of events. For example, the TriSpan is fantastic for exhibitions and trade events, creating separate zones to use for displays, networking or catering areas and stages. We recommend you talk to our team for ideas on unique spaces and configurations for bigger events. We’ll always do a site visit and give you advice and guidance on the best cover.

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