How to bring wellness into your event

In today’s fast-paced world, wellness and self-care have become a priority for more and more people. And it’s not surprising we’ve seen this rise in the events industry too.  

Investing in your guest’s well-being at your event can help to improve your event retention and success rate. We have a few simple ways you can incorporate wellness into your event – even if you’re hosting a corporate product launch or heavy metal music gig. 

Wellbeing activities  

One activity that is sure to bring a bit of zen to your event is yoga. Yoga is fantastic for connecting the mind and body through strength and flexibility. You could easily set up a section at your event by spreading out yoga mats. Our saddlespan tents are fantastic for providing coverage for activities like this.  

If you only have a small amount of space to incorporate an activity, why not set up a massage bench for people to partake in a rejuvenating massage? This is something your guests will appreciate after a long day. 

Nutritious food 

From deep-fried burgers to fully loaded fries – it’s often the case that there is not the healthiest food options at events. When planning your event to make sure there are food stands that offer an alternative. Whether its a vegan taco stand or a colourful salad bar. Your guests will appreciate the choice and it will help them to feel better on the inside. 

And it doesn’t just stop there. A fantastic way to ensure guests are hydrated at all times is to have water stations spread out at your event. This is especially important at large events like festivals where guests can quickly become dehydrated. Alternatively, you could have a smoothie station where guests can make drink creations from fruit and vegetables. 

Embracing nature  

Studies have shown spending even a small amount of time in nature can have a positive impact on people’s mental health. Bringing nature into the event can help guests to feel calmer and more at one with the living world.  

You could do this by either bringing plants into the event – which make for very nice decoration – or if you’re hosting your event in a tent, you could let the outdoors in by opening up the walls. Our range of tents can be easily adapted to include walls or not and are perfect for all weather conditions. 

We hope these ideas inspire you to bring a bit of well-being into your event to create a positive environment for your guests and staff.  

Who are Amazing Tents? 

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