How to add indoor comfort to an outdoor venue

Now that the reasonably warm weather of summer is nearly over, planning an outdoor event presents a whole new challenge to organisers. How do you keep your guests warm, dry and comfortable, even if it’s absolutely throwing it down outside?

Step 1 – Find a weather-proof shelter

This is the first and most important thing to get right – choosing the right venue for your event. If you’re plumping for an event tent, you need to be sure that it is sound, solid, water tight and as weather-proof as possible. This means choosing an event tent specialist with a great reputation, which provides structures that are guaranteed to keep the wind and rain out – like Amazing Tents! Once you have your weather-proof structure, you can start to make the inside of your venue a little more cosy and ready for your guests.

Step 2 – Lay a proper floor

Laying a proper floor in an outdoor venue not only makes the space look better and bigger, but it can also make it a degree or two warmer. Flooring such as lino, tiles or other temporary floors provide vital insulation against the cold, as well as keeping people’s feet out of damp grass.

Step 3 – Add heating and lighting

You have a weather-tight venue that’s solid and strong, and you’ve laid a proper floor. The next thing to think about is heating, which you will need if your event is held at night or in the middle of winter. You should have a heating back-up plan ready no matter what the season or time of day, just in case of a sudden chill. There are plenty of efficient, eco-friendly and unobtrusive ways to heat an outdoor venue, even one as potentially draughty as a tent, so do your research and come up with a good option.

Lighting can also help make your event tent feel cosier, by adding a little ambience and a feeling of warmth and welcome. Lights also add a little to the heat! Work with a lighting designer, or experiment with lighting effects yourself, to create just the effect you’re looking for.

Step 4 – Finish with soft furnishings

Comfortable chairs, sofas, armchairs and other seating options add the comfort, not to mention the style, you need to make your event a success and keep your guests happy. Use soft furnishings to complement whatever colour scheme or theme you’ve chosen and to completely transform your event space, so that your guests completely forget that they’re actually standing in a muddy field in a rainstorm and gale force winds.

Lastly – prepare for everything!

The only thing to add to these tips is this important piece of advice – be prepared! If you plan for every eventuality, every potential problem or accident and the very worst weather you can imagine, it will only help you overcome any little hiccups and ensure your guests have a fabulous time on the day.



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