How 2017 is your event?

Is it retro enough to trigger memories of the good times? Can you enter different dimensions while standing still? Are you ready for the new age of technology? Because it’s ready for you…

2017 is the year of the technology gods (decided by us). We’re not driving hover cars just yet, but with driverless cars being tested now, how far off is that childhood dream?!

Virtual and augmented reality is taking the world by storm, and all the big boys in technology are releasing their own versions, we’re seeing more and more of it everywhere we go. Take your delegates to a new world, or show them the possibilities of what can happen in this one. 2017 events will be off the charts with this kind of kit, so why not give it a go at your event?

If stepping away from reality isn’t your thing, or won’t work for you, why throwback to a time once cherished. Not only is 2017 the most futuristic of all, but it’s also focusing on the ‘blasts from the past’ and tapping into that nostalgia emotion we all crave.

Think about your delegates. What’s their age demographic? What will make them never forget your event and make them talk about it more than any other? Why not have a retro sweet section, or a theme that focuses on a certain era? Play on the emotions of your delegates, excite them, wear flairs! Do something a little different, something memorable.

And let us know about it!

Speak soon,

The Amazing Team

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