Giant Marquee Hire

When event planners are looking to hire a giant marquee they come to The Amazing Tent Company because when we supply giant marquees we really supply giant marquees!

Here at Amazing Tent we provide SaddleSpans which can be used in a variety of ways depending on the configuration. They can become canopies, concert and stage covers or when enclosed, become marquees.

The SaddleSpan is a modular unit which means that one unit can be connected to another. When we connect two SaddleSpans we get a DuoSpan. Three SaddleSpans become a TriSpan (or trioSpan) and so on. The more SaddleSpans that are joined together the greater the capacity until you end up with very large marquees indeed – giant marquees in fact.

The following table will give you an idea of the size and capacities available for the S5000 SaddleSpan (Enclosed) unit:

SaddleSpan Configuration Area (m2) Standing Capacity
TrioSpan 1,354 2,708
4-Y SaddleSpan 1,826 3,652
QuadSpan 1,863 3,726
5-Y SaddleSpan 2,258 4,516
6-Double Y SaddleSpan 2,736 5,472
SeptaSpan 3,165 6,330

These are not the only configurations we supply so if you are looking for something different or would like more information on the giant marquees we hire please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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