Getting hitched?

Have you considered our SaddleSpan marquees as a unique and flexible venue for your wedding reception?

We know that many traditional wedding venues are struggling to meet demand for dates, as the ceremonies and celebrations which have been postponed for the past two years are now happening but causing a backlog of availability at some venues. If your wedding plans are being held up because of this, we can help!

A marquee wedding is one of the most versatile choices – you can put your marquee more or less anywhere you like, (with permission!). Maybe design a twilight woodland wedding reception, celebrate on a working farm, or even rock around the roses in a private garden. Creating your own wedding party venue, to your own specifications and making it a reflection of your own style and personalities is an incredibly special opportunity.

Able to be erected on grass, or on hardstanding, and without poles to detract from the interior space, our SaddleSpans can be a truly unique and beautiful backdrop to your special day. They make the most of your outdoor surroundings and give your guests the option of being indoors or outdoors.

The Amazing Tent Company will help you with the logistical and planning considerations that need to be considered when organising a marquee wedding reception. We can also advise on lighting as in many cases a day-to-evening transition will be required; the options are endless and have an enormous impact on atmosphere. If you are considering converting to canvas for your wedding reception get in touch – we will help you make it happen!

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