Five things to consider when hosting an event outside

Whether it’s a music festival, a corporate event, exhibition or conference, hosting an event outside presents a range of challenges. You may be thinking about the theme, the guest list and the welcome drinks, but we’ve got some top tips for getting the basic rights and avoiding any dramas on the day of your event. As experts in outdoor events we’ve seen it from all angles, and we’ve dealt with every problem you can imagine. So, let’s start at the beginning…

  1. What’s the site like and the ground surface?

Sorry if it sounds boring, but you really do need to consider everything. Fundamental to a good outside event is a good site. You can hold an event anywhere, but it’s worth noting the location of the site; is it on a windy hill, is it in a valley, is the space large, or small and confined? Secondly, if you are going to have temporary structures like tents, what’s the ground like? Is it grass, or something else, is there good drainage, is the ground flat or steep? These are the kind of things we ask our clients.

  1. Access

This is so important. You not only need to get your guests to your chosen location, but you’ll likely be need a range of deliveries (some that will might even come on lorries or trucks), from caterers and event structures to music equipment and lighting. Make sure you have good access to allow deliveries in.

  1. How long do you have the venue for?

If you’ve hired a field, or piece of land, how long have you hired it for? You may only be planning an evening event, but you might want to consider hiring the site for the day before and after. Suppliers often need to drop things off the day before and if the party will be going on until late it’s likely you’ll need to return the following day to clear-up the site. Also, giving yourself the day before the event to set it up will really take the pressure off you on the day.

  1. Power

Are you having bands, caterers or lights? You need power then! If you have a power source at your venue then great – but make sure you check the wattage and get details from your suppliers about how much power they require and how many sockets. If you don’t have a power source you’ll need to organise a generator, or several generators. The supplier of generators should be able to guide you on what you need.

  1. Cover

Planning your outdoor event in summer? Hoping for blue skies and sunshine? Of course, but this is the UK and you simply can’t plan an outdoor event without some effective cover for your guests. Our SaddleSpan temporary event structures are versatile and ideal for festivals, corporate events, concerts, exhibitions and conferences. They offer cover from the elements whilst allowing the views of the outside to be seen by all. So, come rain or shine your guests can enjoy your event.

If you start with these five points, and get the solutions sorted early on you can be sure your outside event will run much smoother. Now you can start thinking about the fun bits – the decorations, the food and drink, the music, the people! Whatever you do, have a great event.


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