Five Reasons to Use a Marquee For Your Exhibition

Exhibitions should be impactful, they should be exciting, they should offer your users, clients and customers an environment which is striking and inspiring. To create this atmosphere for your event we have devised five reasons why you should use a marquee for your exhibition.

1.  A SaddleSpan marquee is high, it is spacious and curvaceous and because it is a blank canvas it is incredibly easy to brand any which way you would like. You can apply your own colours, themes, decorations and furniture to establish the perfect environment. The opaque fabric can even be used as a cinema screen.

2. The SaddleSpan has no poles supporting the structure so there is nothing to distract the eye from the products, displays and overall exhibition.

3. If the weather is unpredictable you can guarantee that your guests and show can go ahead whether it is raining, snowing or hailing. You can combine and use the outside and inside together to create an unique exhibition.

4. If your venue cannot accommodate the number of guests you expect then a marquee will. A simple extension can create the extra space you need.

5. If you want somewhere really special to exhibit in try out our SaddleSpans they are ideal for trade shows, car shows, trade stands and shell schemes.

Get in touch with our dedicated team to find out how we can make your exhibition striking and powerful.


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