Festival VIP Marquees

For festival organisers or sponsors, a VIP area is an important part of the festival experience. Creating a VIP area for special guests shows your appreciation and there’s no better way than by providing the ultimate chill out zone – a SaddleSpan TriSpan!

Not only can your VIP marquee be branded if necessary it can also be dressed and fitted according to your taste, providing an exclusive area that reflects your style.

A SaddleSpan TriSpan comes in two different sizes, the S5000 TriSpan and the S1000 TriSpan. The curves are gentle on the eye. The lofty ceiling gives a feeling of space and peace and both of course protect your guests from the glare of the sun or provide shelter from the rain. Put a bar in the middle of either and your VIP’s can approach it from three sides!

Call us now if you would like more information about either of our TriSpans an provide a festival VIP marquee that is second to none.

S5000 TriSpan VIP Marquee

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