Festival tips for fun in a field!

As we spring into summer, more and more festivals are featuring in our calendar. We’ve got a busy season ahead installing Saddlespans at events across the country. Whatever the size of your festival, a SaddleSpan can be used as a stage cover, bar or to create a funky corporate area. Organising a festival is a momentous task and having the right people and experts on board helps to spread the load. Read on to find out our top tips to create fun in a field, whatever size of festival you’re planning.

  • Ah, the glorious British summer. The fashion welly is essential at most festivals, except those ones we work on in more arid climes. Fortunately, our SaddleSpans can give audience cover come rain or shine. And they’re built to resist winds of up to 70mph, meaning they’re an ideal choice whatever the weather.
  • It’s all about the money, money, money! You’ve so much to do with the budget you have, it’s good to know that the opaque fabric of our tents offers a fantastic blank canvas allowing you to create spectacular effects with fantastic light projections and gobos. It’s both easy to do and easy on the pocket.
  • Enabling everyone to see what’s going on can make the difference between happy punters or dissatisfied customers. Our structures offer good view lines for an audience of up to 5,000 festival goers.
  • Issues such as noise complaints, legal restrictions, licencing, access and litter can cause festival organisers a real headache. So it’s good to know that our SaddleSpans come with as little hassle as possible as they’re quick to install with a typical build time of 4-5 hours, and safe to build as there’s no working at height required. And there’s no plant or power required when installing, meaning you can focus on last minute preparations elsewhere!
  • You’ll need to cater for all sorts of festival goers, and sometimes this can mean supplying a corporate area. We’ve got it covered – use one of our SaddleSpans to provide their own version of a ‘banging’ environment!
  • Be flexible and expect the unexpected. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow – literally if there’s a month’s worth of rain in a weekend. Prepare for all eventualities by liaising with expert suppliers such as ourselves, meaning you can take time to put your wellingtons up and enjoy it.

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