Festival fashion: where’s it going this year?

It all happens in the sunny season of the year, where everyone goes a little wild and wacky with their attire, and why not? Festival fashion is totally different to what you might wear
to a beer garden in the summer, or on an average night out.

It’s got to be fun, creative and out-there. We’ve seen it all at festivals, from multi-coloured Mohicans to zebra and leopard print combos.

Well according to Vogue, it’s time to get a little Kevin and Perry. You’ve basically got to look like you did when you went to the beach at five years old and your mum gave in and let you dress yourself. As we know, the classic brands really are making a come-back in 2017, it’s edgy and we love it! Get on your Fila fisherman’s hat, torn up shorts and backpack and be on your way.

Say “no” to body paint in 2017. After years of people spending hours painting dots and pretty patterns on their faces, it’s time to knock it on the head. For 2017, we predict it’ll be the biggest year for cutting down on the colour at festivals. Gothic-chic is where it’s at. Pull out your clothes that look like they’ve been eaten by moth larvae and get out there.

Send us your craziest photos from this year’s festivals, we can’t wait to see!

And of course, let us know if you #SpotOurSaddleSpan

Talk soon,
The Amazing Team

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