Exhibition Lighting in SaddleSpans

Having the right lighting for an exhibition is crucial.  It helps highlight stands and displays, can be used to project your brand and can provide a spectacular or subtle atmosphere depending on your requirements.

SaddleSpan structures are a perfect venue for exhibitions because its pole-less, curvaceous design provides a sense of space that rivals indoor arenas.

The design of the SaddleSpan lends itself perfectly to lighting displays too.  All SaddleSpans are made from an opaque material which does not allow light to pass through, so unlike normal marquees which are transparent, creative lighting displays can be used day and night.

Lighting rigs can be suspended from the SaddleSpan’s trusses and arches or can be projected directly onto the surface of the structure for film shows, video mapping or light displays.

Call us now if you would like more information about hiring our SaddleSpans for exhibitions.

Subtle Lighting in a Saddle Span

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