Corporate marquee hire

For companies looking for unique and flexible corporate marquee hire, for anything from a product launch or publicity event, to an exhibition, then the SaddleSpan is the way to go.

With no supporting poles to block the line of sight, and its high, wide, curvaceous design, the SaddleSpan creates a spacious and spectacular area for your event.

The opaque fabric cover of the SaddleSpan is easy to brand with company logos and can even be used as a film screen, providing the perfect substitute for exhibition halls or meeting rooms.

With the ability to be erected just about anywhere, Saddlespans are a cost-effective solution for impactful corporate events, trade shows, trade stands and experiential marketing solutions.

Corporate SaddleSpan configurations

SaddleSpans are ideal for corporate events – the most popular uses are conferences, product launches, trade shows and gala events.

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Conference marquee

The SaddleSpan is perfect for a business looking for a cutting edge and unique conference venue. Able to seat up to 1700 delegates with separate catering or bar areas and in any location, the SaddleSpan conference marquee is incredibly adaptable. It can also be easily branded, dressed and lit.

For an idea of type of marquees used for conferences please see our other configurations page.

Experiential marketing

Organising memorable events so that the memory of the product becomes the product is the driving force of experiential marketing. Hosting your event in, or building your event around, an amazing SaddleSpan structure reinforces the experience whether it’s a roadshow, product launch, product sampling or TV ad.

Product launch

As a venue or structure for your product launch our SaddleSpans are perfect. You have the ability to dress, light and brand the tent to create the ideal backdrop for your product.

Trade shows

Stand out from the crowd by hiring one of our amazing SaddleSpan tents to display and demo your product and entice your clients.

Gala events

Create a wow factor for a gala event with a structure that creates a sense of space and wonder. Our larger structures give design teams the ability to create an unparalleled experience, and with a height of 7m, the scope to produce wonderful environments.

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