Events trends for 2023 – immersive events and the metaverse

The continued recovery of the events industry is proving that live events drive the deepest engagement with audiences and customers for a memorable experience. Although 2022 did see an increase of in-person events, 2023 looks set to increase attendance further as audiences and delegates insist that virtual events can’t ever fully replicate the experience of an in-person exhibition, show, or festival. The 2023 AMEX Global Event Trends Forecast research report explains increased optimism for events development. It suggests that the growth is due to improvements in technology and a regenerated focus on sustainability, well-being, and inclusivity. With almost half of companies now operating with a remote workforce, the report focuses on the vital role of in-person meetings for building employee contentment.

Event producers need to find creative ways to engage audiences, whilst aligning their brand and event objectives. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are rapidly developing and have become increasingly popular technologies in the events world.

The metaverse is an immersive 3D environment that utilises new technologies to create a simulated world for users to interact with one another and offers huge potential for truly immersive events. The concept of being able to transport your attendees to a different world using just a headset brings the ‘wow’ factor to any event. Attendees won’t forget an event anytime soon if they take place in space or under the sea!

Holographic technology is another evolution increasingly being used at cutting-edge events. It has been used to recreate the presence of celebrities and influential people to deliver keynotes and speeches, demonstrate new products, or add some fun to a party.

Holograms evolved over Covid lockdowns to be used as part of television interviews. ABBA also took part in this revolution and are currently appearing in hologram form in a purpose-built state-of-the-art arena for their 40th anniversary celebration concerts. It seems that anything is possible!

The SaddleSpan’s flexibility lends itself to these AR and VR events with ease. We have so many size options, and with pole-free space inside, there is nothing to detract from the AR or VR world your audience or guests find themselves in. The options and opportunities for projections and lighting that a SaddleSpan can accommodate, will also add to the ambience and atmosphere of any event.

Whilst these exciting events technologies are, relatively speaking, in their infancy, it’s inevitable that the metaverse, AR and VR will continue to develop and be a key player in experiential events that are in demand. The ability to be a combination of in-person, hybrid and virtual, keeping everyone engaged, is fascinating. And we’re here for it.

Photo by MontyLov on Unsplash 

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