Events tents are perfect for pop-ups

Pop-up bars and shops are all the rage right now, appearing in towns and cities all over the UK. These pop-ups are particularly popular in summer, especially when there are other events like music and food festivals going on at the same time.

If you’re planning a pop-up store in your local city, or perhaps even a chain of pop-ups all over the country, the ideal venue to choose is an event tent. Large tents and marquees are really good as pop-up bars, as there is lots of space for tables, chairs and people to mill about. As tents have open space rather than walls, they also allow people to come and go very freely. This creates a relaxed, informal environment – which is what pop-ups are all about, after all.

Tips for setting up a pop-up

If you want to set up a pop-up and make it a success, make sure you:

  • Choose the right location. You want somewhere that gets plenty of foot traffic, such as near shopping areas, but that gives you enough space. You should also think about the kinds of people you want to attract. Also, be creative when choosing a location – if there isn’t space in a particular location, try somewhere a bit unusual to launch your shop.

  • Get the paperwork right. You need to look into things like leases and licences before setting up shop, or you could fall foul of the authorities.

  • Keep it simple. To get the most return on the cost of setting up your pop-up, keep things like design and concept as simple as possible.

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