Event tent décor that will make a lasting impression

Summer tent decor

Bring your event tent to life this summer whether you’re going for a cosy laid-back vibe or refined and elegant

1. Make a statement entrance 

Set the tone from the very beginning and think about what your guests will first see as they walk into the tent. You could decorate this with a flower arch, ribbons that float about in the wind, or pretty hanging paper lanterns.  

2. Create an atmosphere with light 

If you’re going for a dark atmospheric evening, think of candle sticks and lamps. Low lighting will help to create a mystical mood. Or if you’re going for an uplifting party vibe, why not hang up a glittering disco ball?  

Our saddlespan tents are great for customising the lighting to how you would prefer. Whether you want the walls up on the tent to create a more intimate affair. Or if you’d rather have them rolled up to allow the natural light in.  

3. Elevate your flooring 

Be creative with your tent flooring to help divide the sections of your space. For instance, you could use checkered tiles in the middle of the tent to create a dancefloor. Alternatively, you could have a patterned or coloured floor that matches your event theme.  

Luckily, our saddlespan tents allow for any flooring you’d like, whether it’s wood, carpet, or foam.  

4. Photo worthy backdrops 

Backdrops are fantastic for drawing guests’ attention to a specific part of the tent and can sometimes help to hide things you don’t want them to see.  

You could hang décor on the side of your tent to create these backdrops or you could use a freestanding element like a mirror or a wooden board.  

5. Create chill lounge areas  

To keep your guests comfortable during your event, why not create lounge spaces with stylish furniture. Think fluffy rugs, plush cushions, and soft blankets, pulled together with lamps and plants.  

This is great for creating an intimate area for guests to network, away from noisy areas. Our saddlespan tents are very spacious, which makes them perfect for creating separate activity areas. Whether it’s a lazy lounge area or a neon games section.  

Most importantly, it’s about creating an experience that will keep your guests happy and engaged. We hope these tips inspire you to go all out on your next event tent. 

Find more on our saddlespan tents and how to hire here:   https://amazingtent.co.uk/amazing-news/  

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