Effectively branding your SaddleSpan – 7 top tips

SaddleSpan event tents are popular for corporate events, fundraisers and marketing opportunities, and one of the reasons they are so widely used is because it’s very easy to incorporate branding and really personalise the structure.

If you’re considering using a SaddleSpan for the first time, here are the essential tips you need for effective, show-stopping branding:

1. Contrast your colours cleverly. This is an obvious tip, but one that many brands forget in their enthusiasm to use a particular colour or tie their branding into a specific campaign. Your colours need to contrast so that the brand logo and text really stands out, but without being too busy. If in doubt, remember that clean, simple designs usually work best.

2. Save money with a white background. It’s cheaper to have a white rather than a coloured background for your banners, but it won’t ever look cheap. In fact, lots of white space can help the branding really pop – work with a designer to create images and logos that really make an impact.

3. Choose the right branding option. SaddleSpan tents are wonderfully versatile, with lots of curves and edges to work with. You can position branding on wings, rainbow banners across the curved front of stage covers and even the very top of the tent. Have a good think about what the tent will be used for, and how to make the most impact, when deciding where to place your branding.

4. Prioritise entrances and photo op hotspots. This is another obvious one, but so many organisers of corporate events end up wasting their money by placing branding in the wrong places. Places where people gather, enter a structure for the first time and have their pictures taken must be properly branded – otherwise, it’s a golden opportunity missed.

5. Work with the curves of the SaddleSpan. These event tents are known for their elegant, curving and very distinctive shapes, so it makes sense to work with rather than against them. Brief your designer by showing them the shape of the SaddleSpan and asking them to create a design that accentuates and plays with the structure’s shape.

6. Stand out with full branding. If you’ve got the budget, why not just go for it? Opt for a fully branded SaddleSpan which will not only impress those using the event tent, but also help your brand to really stand out from its competitors. Branding that makes an impact from all angles will look fantastic in any press photos, particularly overhead shots where your competitors may have skimped on the branding – leaving only your brand visible.

7. Work closely with an event tent expert. If you need advice on where to place branding or what kind of design will work best with the unique shape and logistical demands of the SaddleSpan, speak to one of the team at Amazing Tents for some tips before getting anything designed or printed.

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