Early bird tips for planning amazing 2016 events

Most things tend to slow down at this time of year. However, if you’re hoping to hold an event in 2016 – now is absolutely not the time to rest on your laurels. The key to a successful event is early planning, getting all of those important details ironed out and nailed down well ahead of time.

No matter when your event is scheduled for – whether it’s in a few months’ time or right at the very end of 2016 – here are the essentials you need to be planning now:

The venue

Once you have your confirmed date, the very next thing you should do is confirm your venue. Never leave this until later, as it’s the single most important part of your plans. Without it, it won’t be a case of your event being a flop – there simply won’t be one. Remember that unusual or very popular venues tend to get booked up months in advance, so you’ll need to get in there early. A great thing about doing all of your planning early is that you have more time and freedom to choose your venue – you may want to do something a little different, such as finding an even plot of land and popping up an event tent.

The guests

It’s crucial to give your guests notice of the event as soon as possible, before they make other plans. You can do this with a ‘save the date’ notification, but don’t use a format that can be lost or forgotten about. Inviting guests to a Facebook event page or an event request in their email calendars are both good ways to ensure a reminder of your event sticks around.

The marketing

Getting started nice and early means you can carefully plan the marketing for your event. Come up with a schedule to maintain the energy and ‘buzz’ surrounding the event, including everything from e-blasts and social media campaigns to posters, press releases and other forms of advertising. Work out what you want to say at each stage, and you can even get ahead by writing some of the content now. Don’t wait to start getting the message out there though, as once you have a date and a venue you can start spreading the word and getting people excited about your event.

The vendors

Again, early planning gives you the freedom to handpick your caterers, bar, security and other vendors – rather than having to choose from who is available at short notice. Think carefully about what you want and use the extra time to negotiate and shop around for the best prices. You have the power in this situation, as you have a whole market to choose from – unlike last-minute bookings where vendors can charge a fortune because they know you’re desperate to find someone.

Good luck!

Follow these early bird tips and you will be paving the way for a smooth-running, well-attended event, plus you’ll cut out all those sleepless nights worrying about the details. Here’s to a successful 2016!


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