Dressing your SaddleSpan to impress – 5 top tips

SaddleSpan tents are great venues for a range of different occasions, giving you all the space you could ever need. The only problem is, SaddleSpans are so roomy that unless you decorate, plan and furnish the space, you could end up with a big empty tent without much character.

With so much space to play with, where do you start when it comes to decorating? Follow our 10 top tips for dressing your SaddleSpan tent:

Tip 1 – Decide on a colour scheme first

With a palette of colours to work with (choose no more than three main colours), it’s a lot easier to choose all the other decorations in your tent. This includes lighting. So, before you do anything else, decide on your colour scheme. You can take inspiration from the theme of your event, using brand colours or, if it’s a birthday or wedding, the favourite colours of the guests of honour.

Tip 2 – Branding, banners and posters

Although it depends on the nature of your event, a great place to start with decoration is with the things that really need to be there – posters, banners and marketing materials. This is particularly important when it comes to product launches, exhibitions, trade shows, fundraisers and other marketing events. Before you put anything else in your event tent, plan where you’re going to put these vital decorations.

Tip 3 – Create a focal point

With such a large space to decorate, little bits of furniture and decoration could end up getting lost. You need to plan out the space properly and the best place to start is with a focal point. To put it another way, you need to put something in the middle! Good ideas for focal points include a bar, dance floor, ice sculpture, help and information desk, display unit or exhibition stand. Once you have your focal point, it’s a lot easier to plan the rest of the space around it.

Tip 4 – Light up the ceiling!

By far the hardest to decorate in your event tent is the ceiling, mainly due to the difficulty in reaching it and the huge amount of surface space. You can add lighting and banners to the frame of your SaddleSpan, but an easier and more creative way to add some flair to the ceiling is by actually pointing lights upwards. You can create a range of colourful decorative effects using lighting, project films or still photos on the canvas or plan a light show (a great idea for parties!).

Tip 5 – Lay down the parquet flooring

Being the largest surface area in your venue, changing the flooring in your event tent can make the biggest difference of all your decorative efforts. There are lots of temporary flooring solutions available, many of which click or snap together for easy installation. You can create a dance floor, create zones within the space or simply cover the whole floor with gorgeous decorated tiles.

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