Corporate Marquee Hire

The corporate sector is a major area for which we provide temporary structure hire (generically called marquee hire) for a wide range of clients and an even wider range of purposes.

Our S1000 Trispan for example has been used on promotional tours around the UK and makes for a fantastic corporate hospitality venue.

Our SaddleSpans have been used in experiential marketing campaigns for a number of well known brands and the marquees are great for general marketing too as they can be easily branded with company logos and dressed and lit in corporate colours.

Away from the business side of things our structures are used as venues, shelters and canopies for corporate fun days or as amazing venues for gala events.

Have a look at this gallery to give you an idea of what your corporate venue might look like from the air or this Promotional Tents post to see how our structures have been used in the past.

Contact us now if you would like to talk to us more about how The Amazing Tent Company can help with your corporate marquee hire and provide an amazing experience for your clients.

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