Cool ways to stay cool

SaddleSpan tent lit with warm lighting

We pitch our SaddleSpans at venues across Europe and the UK, with many installations being on hot summer’s days. Through our years of experience, we’ve developed some canny ideas to keep our crew cool as they set up. Here’s just a few things we do to stay chill during the summer heat:  

  • Make use of the breeze. If you’re by the coast, or somewhere that has a natural breeze, make the most of it. Consider keeping one, or both sides, of the #SaddleSpan open so that a through breeze keeps your clients cool. 


  • Set up in the shade. If you have the opportunity to pick your pitch at the festival, exhibition, or event within larger grounds, it’s worth thinking about pitching it up in the shade. Try the shade given from an existing building or under a canopy of trees – we’ll worry about the height clearance and safety of this, and advise you accordingly. 


  • Hire a portable air conditioner or cooler. This is essential in any heat wave or if you’re working in southern Europe or a Middle East venue. We can advise on suppliers for these too. 


  • Let down the sides and open all entrances. If air con isn’t an option, due to budget or location keep the air flowing by letting down all the sides of the tent down. Alternatively, if you can’t let the sides down on your #SaddleSpan, then we suggest you open all entrances and consider large fans. 


  • Stay hydrated. One of the most important, and one of the most often forgotten at festivals, events and parties! ;o) 


Stay cool with us next summer and call us to book in your event: 44 (0)7778 835 207 /  


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