Conference Checklist & Consultation

There are many things to consider when planning a conference – it is a complicated event to create and many delegates have little idea of the level of detail that goes into providing the perfect venue and experience for your client.

In order to ensure all your needs are well met it is imperative to work with a team who have specialist experience in event planning, they will be able to understand the logistics and ask questions you may not have considered.

The venue needs to be accessible, provide a light-filled, positive atmosphere, it must be able to comfortably accommodate your attendants, offer high level facilities and provide different areas for attendants to work, relax and confer.

Many event planners use a traditional hotel for conferences but using a SaddleSpan is a fantastic way to create a cutting edge and unique venue for your conference.

Able to seat up to 1700 delegates with separate catering or bar areas, a choice of configurations and in the location you desire the SaddleSpan conference marquee is adaptable and the perfect choice for your special client. 

Easily branded, dressed and lit to your client’s specifications the SaddleSpan conference venue is adaptable in so many ways.

Also, our team of experienced event planners can provide you with cost effective solutions and access to a vast number of reliable suppliers.

So get in touch today to find out how we can help make your conference amazing.

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