Collaborate, Connect and Confer under a SaddleSpan

To create an effective, impactful conference – you need to think outside the box – provide conference goers with an environment in which they can create ideas, collaborate and be inspired.

Can you achieve this kind of effect in an ordinary conference venue? We don’t think so – to open the door to strategies that will engage members that go way beyond the event itself, create an inspirational conference venue that is unique and motivating by providing a SaddleSpan configuration to stimulate and excite.

With a SaddleSpan you can use the entire roof to project the company logo onto the semi-tensile fabric, instead of using bog standard screens.

Instead of a stage with rows of seating in front of the stage – why not have the stage right in the middle of the venue and arrange the seating so that it goes all the way around the stage.

Don’t send off groups to different rooms, create break-out zones within the structure so that the conference goers aren’t entirely separated but can still connect and bounce ideas off one another.

Create an arresting exhibit as a focal point and to give delegates something to start a conversation with, encouraging them to collaborate, connect and confer.

If you would like some inspiration whilst dreaming up your next conference venue or would like to find out more about the types of structure we can provide, then do not hesitate to get in touch and chat to us about your plans.




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