Can SaddleSpan tents be used indoors?

When you think of a large marquee or an event tent, you may well picture it outdoors, in a field or on a wide concrete surface. However, not many people know that you can also use SaddleSpan and other event tents indoors.

Why would you want to use event tents indoors?

It may sound a little wacky, but there are quite a few advantages of bringing a traditionally outdoor tent into your venue. Here are just a handful:

  • Use your tent as decoration. A structured tent like a SaddleSpan is perfect for defining and decorating a large, cavernous space. Many exhibition halls, concert and conference venues are absolutely vast, making them expensive and difficult to decorate. If you’ve got a big space to fill and want an eye-catching centrepiece, a tent, canopy or stage cover will definitely do the trick.
  • You can use your tent as a stage cover for musical and other performances. If you have a stage area in your venue, which will showcase musicians, performers or speakers, you’re going to need a cover for it. Having the right cover is important not only for acoustic reasons, but aesthetic reasons too – it just looks more professional to have your performers on a proper stage.
  • The element of surprise! The key to holding a successful event, one that will be and remembered for some time to come, is to do something surprising. To get people talking, you need to do something creative, unusual and unique – like putting up a massive great tent inside your venue, lighting it up and rolling out a red carpet underneath it!

Can all SaddleSpans be used indoors?

Not all configurations of this popular event tent can be used indoors – some are just far too large to actually fit into most event or exhibition spaces. The most commonly used option is the SaddleSpan S5000, which you may recognise by its recognisable ‘saddle’ shape. This tent, often used as a stage cover, can also become a branded canopy or an indoor stage cover, making it ideal for a range of different events. It’s a very flexible option, which can be branded with whatever design you like and can also perform whatever function you like. It can help form a stage area, VIP area, a pop-up bar, a meeting and networking area or a demonstration area.

The logistics

To actually get an event tent into your venue, there are a few practical wrinkles to iron out. For starters, you need enough space. This means both floor space and ceiling height.  You’ll also need appropriate access to the venue, which most exhibition, event and conference venues should already have. Make sure you plan out your space properly, so you know exactly where your tent will go. If you’re not sure whether an event tent in your venue will actually work, the best way to figure it out is to speak to one of the team at Amazing Tents.

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