Branding and decorating the fabric of your SaddleSpan

Hiring a SaddleSpan tent for your event gives you an abundance of space and a very impressive venue in which to showcase a product or schmooze some important guests. What it also offers, however, is a wonderfully blank canvas on which to add your own branding, decoration and other personal touches.

Put down the paintbrush…

You don’t need wallpaper or paint to decorate your SaddleSpan tent. There are lots of far easier and more effective ways to put your stamp on the walls and ceilings of your very own event tent:

Lighting effects

Lighting makes the biggest difference in the appearance and feel of your marquee’s interiors. Lighting effects create atmosphere, highlight key areas (i.e. product showcases) and add colour and depth to the space. You can also put on lighting shows on the walls and ceilings, with the canvas acting as the ideal backdrop. Fly your brand logo around the canvas using lighting, put on your own planetarium show, turn the lights down and create a disco-ball effect throughout the space or light up each of the panels in a different colour – it’s completely up to you.

Screen videos

As well as being a great backdrop for all kinds of lighting effects, SaddleSpan fabric also acts as an ideal projector screen. Using quite simple equipment, you can screen specially made marketing videos, product demonstrations or even play music videos. This is not only a creative way to use the actual structure of your event venue, but it can also free up valuable floor space (otherwise taken up by video and screening equipment) for exhibiting and accommodating more of your guests.

Banners and branding

The particular fabric of SaddleSpan tents works very well with banners, removable decals and other branding and marketing materials. You can add as much or as little (if you want to keep the focus on your products) as you like. In a matter of hours, you can effectively re-brand the whole of your venue and turn it into your very own space, while quickly and simply removing all the branding once the event is over.


Flooring is another simple way to make a major change in your SaddleSpan’s appearance. You can affordably and easily makeover the floor space with vinyl tiling or ‘click-lock’ flooring, transforming it from grass or concrete into the kind of floor you’d find in any luxury venue. You can roll out the red carpet in the welcome area of your event tent and even add touches of pattern and colour where you think the space needs a little more decoration.

You can also use flooring to divide your space into different zones, from small enclosures for your products and demonstrations to larger ‘zones’ for talks and conferences. This is very important when you have a very large venue like a marquee tent, as you need to create focal points and separate spaces to help people find their way around.


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