Blow the budget: Standout features to make your event truly amazing!

There are some events for which you really need to pull out all the stops to impress, events that simply won’t work without that all-important wow factor. You’ll need a generous budget and plenty of imagination, but you can pull it off.

If money is no object, here are 5 ideas for stand out features that could be the perfect centrepieces for truly amazing events:

1. A super-cool ice bar. You could book a spectacular ice sculpture for your event, or even something really cool like a vodka fountain – but why not go one step further and book a whole ice bar? This can be a real standout feature, perfect in an unusual venue like an event tent, and it’s definitely not something that your guests will forget in a hurry. It may take a bit of work to iron out the logistics, but it will definitely be worth it for the look on people’s faces as they walk in and go to order a drink!

2. A revolving dance floor. This can be expensive and a bit tricky to plan, but it really would make your party completely unique. If you’ve enough space in your event tent – a larger SaddleSpan tent would definitely accommodate this feature – why not go for it? Wait until its time to hit the dance floor and set your dance floor revolving (at a sensibly slow speed of course – lest you end up with ‘messy’ consequences) to elicit gasps from your partygoers.

3. Big name entertainment. Every event needs entertainment, but not just any band or artist will do if you really want to get people talking. To throw the party of the year, book a big name act like a chart-topping band or famous singer – it is virtually guaranteed to double if not triple the number of RSVPs that come flooding in. People love a celebrity and they also love fantastic quality live music, plus it’s fantastic publicity for your event, so it really is win-win.

4. A big, all guns blazing fireworks display. With great quality fireworks, a professional company planning and organising the display and a generous running time, a fireworks display can really top off the evening. Go big, loud and perhaps consider a display choreographed to music for extra impact – your guests will absolutely love it.

5. Surprise! The best way to squeeze an awed ‘wow!’ out of someone is to surprise them with something truly amazing, something that they would never expect to happen at your event. For example, invite a celebrity chef to cook for your VIP guests, appearing table side to flambé a delicacy in front of their eyes just as they sit down to eat. You can arrange a surprise transfer when getting guests to and from the event tent, whisking them off for a completely unexpected and awe-inspiring helicopter ride. There are lots of things you can do, but to get that “wow”, you’ll need to think big and outside of the box.

Good luck!

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