Are you Festival-ready?

SaddleSpan in the background of a sunny festival site

We know from the damp, wet, and cold start to this year that the great British weather isn’t always reliable or what we might be hoping for. Whichever festival or outdoor event you’ve bought tickets for this year, be prepared for more than just a shower of rain. Take your waterproofs and wellies, and if you’re camping – check your tent for leaks!  

Another little festival tip we have, is to stay connected with friends… consider a ‘meeting place’, these festivals are busy and it’s not uncommon to lose one another. Work out where your tent or base for the day is, by establishing site landmarks – SaddleSpans are often the eye-catching and unique landmark within a festival site. Just sayin’! 

If you’re a festival organiser, you probably know all of this – alongside the extra things you need to consider for being on-site. Since you practically live in a field for a month or more! That said, our top tip is to always ensure you choose a venue space that allows plenty of room for setting up. Once you’ve found a suitable space this is our checklist: 

  • Capacity – How many people can you accommodate? SaddleSpans can accommodate from 175 to 3700 people. We’ll have something to suit your needs. 
  • Space – Music Festivals take up a lot of space! Once you have factored in stages, backstage areas for talent, car parking, food concessions and space for your guests to enjoy the entertainment, you need to ensure that the venue can accommodate the scale of your festival or event. Visit and check it out – we’re always happy to go along to a site visit, to help avoid potential issues further down the line. 
  • Existing Infrastructure – is there access to toilets, cafes, restaurants, etc. If not – you’ll need more temporary structures. 
  • Disability access – we believe that live music and festivals are for everyone. If you have additional access needs, be sure to check out the festival’s commitment to disabled access; you’ll find that this is taken very seriously and a great deal of effort is put in to ensure an enjoyable and fully inclusive experience for all. We always ensure that Disability Discrimination Act is followed, so that access is considered for everyone at an event or festival. 
  • Permits. What permits (if any) are required from the council and are there any considerations they may inhibit you from running the event (i.e. alcohol licence, noise restrictions, etc.). 

So, if you’ve not got all your event spaces covered for your 2023, or even 2024, festival or event, give us a call now: +44 (0)7778 835 207 / 

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