AMAZING joins the National Outdoor Events Association

The Amazing Tent Company is pleased to annouce its latest membership to the National Outdoor Events Association.

The NOEA is the UK’s leading outdoor events trade association. The association is dedicated to enhancing professionalism in the outdoor events industry through education, networking, lobbying, advice and creating business opportunities.

The NOEA is comprised of event suppliers, event production professionals, event and festival organisers, entertainment agencies, local authority events departments, venues, universities and freelancers.

So what does this mean for our customers?

Companies who apply for membership are checked and verified by The NOEA via a series of referees. Companies given membership abide by The NOEA’s Code of Professional Practice:

* Conduct themselves according to the highest ethical standards when participating in, or organising, an event.

* Possess prior to undertaking the management or supply to any event the financial ability to be able to guarantee the payment of all amounts due to suppliers and licensing authorities, whether the event takes place or is cancelled.

* Provide and maintain the highest possible standards of health, safety, cleanliness and presentation.

* Consider and apply the appropriate Health and Safety features and encourage the use of sustainability factors whenever possible. * Possess appropriate and adequate Insurance cover.

* Adopt, where applicable, Trade Union agreements and approved forms of contract.

* Honour all contractual commitments and government legislation appropriate to the countries where operating.

* Mediate fairly and promptly in relevant disputes. To offer the benefit of the Association’s Arbitration Service and abide by its decision.

* Consider and apply relevant Codes of Practice and Conduct established by other professional bodies which are recognised by the Association, providing they conform to all appropriate legislation and do not compromise the constitution and aims and objectives of this association.

* Undertake their responsibilities thoroughly, completely, reliably and honestly.

* Further the purpose of the Association by assisting in the promotion of the standards, status and interests of the outdoor event industry.

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