Amazing are a Friend of Molly’s Green Ecotricity Bar

SECTOR: Festival Bars


VENUE: Rural Wiltshire


BRIEF:  Our brief at the WOMAD Festival was to provide a structure that could be used for children’s workshops during the day and by night as a late night festival bar with performance space available for evening gigs and shows.


SOLUTION:  We provided an S5000 SaddleSpan Concert which had ‘wings’ at each side of the opening to give more weather protection. We were also really happy to work in partnership with Ecotricity, a Stroud-based Green energy company.  The sound and LED lights in Molly’s Green Bar were powered by a solar powered generating system supplied by WOMAD’s on-site power contractor, The Powerline and sponsored by Ecotricity.

IMAGE -Credit: PGBrunelli1109a

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