All you need to know about the fabulous Spiegeltent

If you want to hire a tent with something a bit special, the best option to go for is a Spiegeltent. Here’s all you need to know:

Why’s it called a Spiegeltent?

Spiegeltent is Dutch for ‘mirror tent’, which is what the first versions of these tents were called.

Where does this kind of tent come from?

The original Spiegeltents were made in Belgium as early as 1910. They were travelling entertainment tents that were toured around Europe. Most of the original tents are gone, but the design is making a resurgence!

What are Spiegeltents made of?

The original Spiegeltents were made of wood frames and canvas, with stained glass and mirrors providing the decoration. The new Spiegeltent designs are very similar, with the intention of recreating as much of the old-fashioned magic as possible. They have hardwood frames and canvas roofs, whilst the insides are decorated with leaded glass, bevelled mirrors and lashings of brocade and velvet. The only real changes are to meet modern health and safety regulations.

What are these tents used for?

Any event or special occasion where the organiser wants to put on something unusual and unforgettable! Spiegeltents are perfect as entertainment venues, so are often used at festivals and other outdoor events with a cultural, arts or entertainment focus. However, these event tents have also been used for product launches or as pop-up bars.

How many people can they hold?

Last but not least, we come to the capacity of the Spiegeltent. This depends on the tent, as there are a few sizes and designs to choose from. Generally speaking, these tents can comfortably accommodate between 250 and 450 people and can usually fit into an even, flat space measuring around 30m x 25m.

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