Advice on kitting out an event tent

Event tents can be the perfect venue for a whole range of different occasions, from conferences and exhibitions to comedy and music spaces at festivals. They come in many different configurations and can hold huge numbers of people, and due to their size, offer a great space for you to use. So making the best use of this large space can be very important to the success of your event.

So here are a few tips to help you get it right:

Draw up a detailed plan (or use a specialist in event tent interior design) – you have lots of space, so what are you going to do with it? A plan allows you to get everything in, play with the layout and decide where everything will go.

Get your essential systems in first – before you do anything else, make sure you have your lighting, wiring, power and any other essential systems mapped out and installed. You can then build the rest of the space around them.

Create a focal point – depending on the nature of the event, this may be a stage, a bar, a main exhibition space or even a central hub where people will gather. It’s important to have focal points, to orientate visitors and create a central feature that the rest of the space will be built around.

Think about seating – this is another practical element that you must get right before you do anything else. A table or seating plan will be a huge help here, as it will allow you to maximise the amount of seating you have.

Get creative! This is the fun bit, where you can decorate your event tent and basically have some fun with the design. Let those creative juices flow!

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