Add the Wow Factor to Your Exhibition

Are you planning an exhibition that will blow people away? You have put hours of work into collating or creating the content for your exhibition, to make sure it informs, entertains or excites, but have you thought about the venue yet?

An amazing venue can draw people into your exhibition and provide the perfect backdrop for the things on show. Our SaddleSpans provide dramatic silhouettes that are bound to catch your audience’s eye and make them wonder what lies inside… and once people enter you can create whatever kind of atmosphere you like.

This summer we worked with Adidas to provide the venue for a museum where football fans could experience all the memories of past tournaments, including videos and memorabilia. The tent looked stunning and saw thousands of people passing through, enjoying the exhibition.

Our SaddleSpans can be arranged to suit your needs, from an intimate and cosy S1000 TriSpan to an expansive S5000 TriSpan, whichever arrangement you go for can be decorated to suit your theme or left as it is to provide a simple and beautiful setting for your exhibition pieces. Get in touch today to discuss your needs and we can provide you with any information, advice or quote.

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