8 ways to beat the weather at outdoor weddings

Unfortunately, you can’t control the weather on your wedding day. You can’t stop it raining and force the sun to come out, as much as you’d like to. All you can do if you’re having an outdoor wedding is to prepare for the worst conditions and try to make the most of rainy, windy days.

However, there are plenty of things you can do to stay one step ahead of the weather. To prevent rain, wind and even sunshine spoiling your outdoor wedding, follow these 8 handy tips:

  1. Get a roof over your head. An event tent or at the very least, a marquee, is crucial at an outdoor wedding. You could have a large marquee ready as a back-up in case of rain, or you could pre-empt the weather and move your entire day under the cover of a huge and completely customisable event tent. SaddleSpan tents, for example, are ideal for outdoor weddings.
  2. Prepare for wind. Even a strong breeze can cause havoc, so prepare for it by securing everything that could blow away, avoiding wedding dresses with very light fabrics and using far more hairspray than you think you need.
  3. Tell your guests what to expect. In the case of outdoor weddings, this could be any kind of weather! If sunnier weather is expected, recommend wearing sun cream but also advise bringing an umbrella and a warm coat. In the UK in particular, you just never know what the weather will do!
  4. Face away from the sun. The glare from the sun can prevent your guests from watching the ceremony properly, so assess the best angle to place your seating at in advance of the big day.
  5. Provide heating and power. Whether you’re holding the whole day completely outdoors or you’ve plumped for an event tent, make sure your guests are warm enough with adequate heating. Don’t forget about power either, as you’ll need lighting on dark days, power for microphones to make the speeches over a howling wind and music through speakers to properly celebrate your big day.
  6. Keep your food properly chilled or heated. Using professional caterers is the key to keeping your food the right temperature, as it can quickly spoil on hot days or arrive on the table lukewarm on cold ones.
  7. Provide umbrellas and blankets. If the weather turns, be prepared for it with a stash of large umbrellas and blankets for your guests and for members of the wedding party. Don’t forget to nominate ‘umbrella holders’ to make sure bride and groom don’t get soaked as they arrive at the wedding.
  8. Put down flooring. Whether you’re in a field or under the cover of an event tent or marquee, it’s a good idea to put down some type of flooring just in case it gets muddy. All you need is something with some grip, so your guests don’t end up slipping and falling in muddy conditions.

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