7 of the most unusual and exciting places to get married

Choosing a wedding venue is a highly personal decision, and not everyone wants to head down the traditional route. If you want to take a leap into the unknown, try one of these thrilling and unique wedding venue ideas:

  1. In the forest. A woodland wedding is incredibly romantic, and it can also be charmingly simple. So, if you want to tie the knot without all the fuss and expense, why not let the beauty of nature take centre stage and hold your wedding in a gorgeous local forest? You can put up a large marquee or tent to hold off the weather and retire to the space in the evening for a memorable reception.


  1. In your own back garden. Provided you have the space and the right kind of garden (a large, well-kept lawn is ideal), holding your wedding in your back garden provides a lovely personal touch to your big day. You can pop up a large marquee or, if you have more space, an event tent, just in case it rains, and hold your celebrations in a place that means a lot to you. It will also be a lot cheaper than hiring a venue!


  1. Atop a mountain or overlooking a canyon. The beauty of this kind of wedding is the breath-taking views in all directions, depending of course on the location you choose. These views provide the perfect backdrop for saying your vows, as well as making for amazing photos. If it’s too chilly to hold your reception at the top of the mountain, you can always head downhill after the ceremony to a sheltered and customised event tent.


  1. In a cave. Britain doesn’t have many caves suitable for weddings, but if you look further afield in Europe you’re likely to find lots of underground cave networks that could make for a thrilling and memorable venue. All you need is the right mood lighting and you’re all set.


  1. At an old railway station. This may not immediately jump out at you as a suitable wedding venue, but there is a certain old-fashioned romance to a traditional-looking railway station. We’re also very lucky in the UK that we have lots of them. If your station of choice has a ticket office or other building that’s large enough for your reception, all the better.


  1. In a treehouse. This can be a venue that is tricky to track down and quite expensive, but it certainly would be a wedding to remember if you can manage it. The experience of climbing up into the treehouse and enjoying the lovely views, as well as the surprise of your guests, can make it all worth it.


  1. At a festival. If you like the idea of a fun, laid-back and semi-spontaneous wedding, getting married at a festival can be just the ticket. Pack or hire a large tent, decorate it however you like, tie the knot and head off to see your favourite band. For music lovers, there’s no better way to do it. However, you will need to sort out things like a wedding licence and an officiant – although you could always have an unofficial ceremony at the festival and head to the local registry office later on.

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