6 practical ideas for magical winter weddings

Not everyone wants a summer wedding, especially considering the cost of having your nuptials in the warmer months can be astronomical. Overall, it can be cheaper and a bit more unusual to have a winter wedding. For some couples, the idea of getting married in a snow-dusted landscape or on a windswept beach is a romantic one, so why not give it a try?

However, there are certain practical considerations to bear in mind if you’re planning to hold your big day in the depths of winter. For example, if you’d like to brave the elements and have an outdoor venue, you’re going to need a fully heated and weather proof event tent to shelter your guests and hold the evening celebrations.

Here are a few practical ideas to help turn your wedding day from simply freezing to totally fabulous:

  1. Serve hot drinks. Mulled wine, hot chocolate and liquor coffees can be a charming and delicious way to warm your guests up, so why not serve hot drinks instead of wine or champagne?


  1. Invest in a sturdy, weather-proof structure. A standard marquee isn’t going to cut it if the weather hits, so you need a weather resistant, sturdy event tent that is designed specifically for outdoor events that are exposed to the elements. Once you have this, you’ll at least guarantee that you’ll be dry and sheltered.


  1. Embrace the weather. You simply can’t have winter weather without getting into the spirit of things and accepting that it is likely to rain/snow/blow a gale. You can prevent disaster by choosing a top quality event tent that won’t let in any leaks, and providing the bride with an umbrella as she arrives at the venue, but you can’t stop the weather altogether. If it’s cold, start an impromptu dance session to warm up; if it rains, go outside and enjoy it, splashing in all the puddles and getting wet through. If you embrace the weather, you can make your day truly memorable. If you don’t, it could end up being a disaster.


  1. Create a winter wonderland theme. There are lots of theme ideas you can use for winter weddings that would look out of place in summer. From snowflakes, snow, ice blue and silver colour palettes, pine trees, sparkling ice sculptures and even autumnal colours – there is a world of inspiration to draw from.


  1. Provide plenty of heating. You need to ensure that everyone is warm, so invest in proper event tent heating systems and provide your guests with blankets and fluffy footwear to keep them toasty – they’ll appreciate it!


  1. Add a wedding coat to your dress. For brides worried about spoiling their dresses with a bulky coat, but also worried about staying warm, why not add a tailored and beautifully embroidered wedding coat in snowy white? There are also pashminas, wraps and high-collared shrugs to consider. You’ll stay warm and look elegant – after all, there’s nothing elegant about a purple, shivering bride!


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