5 Top Tips for Holding a Festival in Winter

A lot of famous festivals happen during the summer months, but some of the most spectacular events are also held during winter. The Amazing Tent Company brings you some top tips for holding a festival in winter.

1. Keep warm!

Remember to have your tent properly heated, which is very important in the cold autumn and winter months. Warm drinks, such as tea, coffee and mulled wine and hot food will keep everyone inside your tent warm and in high spirits. Large gas-powered heaters work well in the open air, and even better for using in tents. If you have access to a generator or electrical outlets, powerful electric heaters that can be operated outside work just as well.

Take special measures to promote safety when using heaters, as they must be placed visibly and not obstruct the flow of traffic. In a tent, a circulation system will help heat the space evenly.

2. It goes without saying, but remember to keep the weather out.

Get a decent cover, an Amazing Tent SaddleSpan will be 100% weatherproof. Prepare for the worst, because you’ll never truly know what the weather will be like until it hits.

3. Pick the right sized venue.

Once you know the number of people that will be attending, you will have to make sure there is enough room for your guests, but not so much room that it becomes hard to heat and inhibits the purpose of the event. Also bear in mind parking at your venue, as you need enough room for plenty of cars along with the right sized tent. We can help you choose an appropriate tent for your venue, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

4. Book a date early.

Generally people tend to be busy around Christmas time, so remember to set a date soon enough for people to put it in their diaries. You don’t want people missing out, so try to  plan your event out as early as possible.

5. Entertainment.

To prevent your guests and attendees from getting bored, get in plenty of entertainment to keep everyone active and on their feet. Try bringing in plenty of activities depending on what sort of event you’re hosting, and make your event as memorable as possible!

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