5 things you need to know about Saddlespan Tents


Saddlespan tents are widely used all over the world, but it’s amazing how little is known about them. Here are the 5 essential (and surprising) facts you need to know:

1. They are the most versatile of all temporary structures

Think of Saddlespan tents like Origami models – there are lots of different versions and each can be deconstructed and reconfigured in a variety of different ways. This makes them hugely versatile.

2. They’re not called Saddleback tents

A common misconception with Saddlespans is that they are called saddleback tents. This is understandable, as the core of the tent’s design is based on the classic saddle shape. They have been mistakenly called many different names, from saddleplan tents to even saddle-up tents, but if you don’t want to make an embarrassing faux pas, the word you want is Saddlespan.

3. They have multiple personalities

One Saddlespan tent can be used for any number of different purposes. One minute they are stage covers for festivals, the next they are huge marquees or conference tents. Other uses include exhibitions, corporate functions, hospitality events, product launches…the list is virtually endless.

4. Most people have seen a Saddlespan without even realising

One of the most common uses of these impressive event tents is at festivals. Most of us have been to a festival of some kind at least once in our lives, and where there’s a festival – there’s likely to be a Saddlespan!

5. They’re modular

We already know that Saddlespans can be reconfigured in many different ways, but the way this is done is fascinating. Different models can be put together in any number of different arrangements, so you can effectively stick together modules to create your perfect event tent!

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