5 Reasons to Go Outside

Most Event Planners are used to organising conferences and exhibitions indoors but here are five good reasons why you should consider moving outside and into one of our SaddleSpans:

1.  No Location Restrictions

Holding an event in one of our SaddleSpan arrangements means that you can stage your conference or exhibition anywhere you want.  In a forest, up a mountain, the grounds of a castle or middle of the desert makes no difference to us.  As long as we can get to it you can have it there.

2.  Be Different

Lots of conferences are held in boring conference halls.  Why not stand out and do something that is different?  You don’t have to compromise on facilities and you will be doing something new.

3.  Create Your Perfect Venue

With an outdoor event you can create exactly what you want.  The size and shape of the structure, the dressing of it, the location of the facilities…the possibilites go on.  Everthing is under your control and you have the chance to tailor the event to your client’s needs.

4.  Go On Tour

Once you have created an event you can take it where ever you want.  Brilliant for promotional tours, corporate days out, festivals and shows.

5.  Because Mum Said

Mum was always telling us to go outside and play.  No reason why we souldn’t – even if we are a little bit older.

Contact us at The Amazing Tent Company if you would like more information on taking your event outside.

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