5 Different SaddleSpan Events

SaddleSpans are synonymous with festivals and concerts.  Here at The Amazing Tent Company we’ve had the privilege of being involved in some of the biggest festivals in the country and our SaddleSpans have been used as stage covers or bars all around the country.

Festivals and concerts are not the only events that our SaddleSpans have been used for and here are five other suggestions:

1.  SaddleSpans for Conferences

For something different try staging a conference in one of our SaddleSpans.  You have the flexibility of holding your conference where you want to hold it – somewhere unique.  You are not limited to boring hotels or boring rooms and you can design the interior how you want it to look.  With a SaddleSpan as your conference venue you will stand out from the crowd and create an impact with your delegates.


2.  SaddleSpans for Exhibitions

Imagine the possibilities of holding your exhibition in a tent (albeit a very large tent).  You can make use of the OUTSIDE space too.  We’ve seen exhibitions that combine the inside and outside spaces available to give amazing demonstrations.  You can have all of your promotional display material and stands inside and give exhibitors space outside to demonstrate their product.  One exhibition comes to mind where everyone was inside looking over beautiful rolling countryside and a tractor display!


3.  SaddleSpans for Award Ceremonies

Again, the name of the game is flexibility.  You can hold your award ceremony wherever you want. Well, nearly anywhere – you can’t have it on the top of Snowdon because it’s too small although even then we’d come up with a solution.

4.  SaddleSpans for Family Fun Days

Becoming very popular are corporate organised fun days for employees and their families – our SaddleSpans are idea tents for these events.  Our SaddleSpans can be used as tents or canopies, depending on your requirements and they create a stunning backdrop for a fun day out.


5.  SaddleSpans for Gala Dinners

A SaddleSpan structure comes into its own for gala dinners.  We’ve helped stage events in some of the most beautiful and historic locations imaginable.  You are able to plan everything according to your vision and for extra special occasions you can really push the boat out.

With a wide range of SaddleSpans (S5000, S2000, S1000) available to choose from and an even wider range of combinations available the SaddleSpan makes a great alternative venue whatever event you are planning.

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