4 reasons why the SaddleSpan is the perfect party tent

There are lots of venues in which you can hold a party, but those looking for a more memorable and unique experience are bored with town halls, studio spaces and hotel function rooms. If you want something different, why not hold your party in a SaddleSpan event tent?

If you need convincing, here are 4 excellent reasons why the SaddleSpan is the ultimate party venue:

1.     You can put it virtually anywhere

All you really need to have a SaddleSpan tent for your party is enough space and the right to use it. Event tents can be erected in a wide range of different locations, from car parks and large gardens to fields and even the grounds of stately homes. Before you hire a SaddleSpan for your party, find out how much space you have to work with and this will allow you to choose the right tent. Remember to leave a little space for the people who will actually set up your tent, and for any extra equipment you might need, and make sure there is access for vehicles on your site.

2.     It’s modular, so you can change its shape

Unlike a building, the shape and layout of a SaddleSpan tent can be completely customised to suit you. This means that you can choose how you’d like the space to work and even create ‘zones’ within one space – for example, you can create a bar area, a dance floor, a chillout space and a buffet area all in one tent. All you need to do is choose a basic model and find out about the different ways it can be configured. To discuss your ideas and see if they’re feasible, speak to a SaddleSpan expert at Amazing Tents for some expert advice.

3.     It has all the space you need

Buildings often have very restrictive limits to the number of people they can hold, due to fire and other safety regulations. Event tents do have a maximum capacity, but as they are large and sited outdoors, the upper limit of partygoers they can hold is much greater. Having all this space means there is no limit on how big you can go with your bash, making the SaddleSpan perfect for memorable, once-in-a-lifetime celebrations.

4.     It is easy to decorate and customise

With such a large space inside a SaddleSpan, you might think that you’ll have trouble decorating and furnishing it all. It’s actually quite simple to hang banners, lay down click-together flooring, rig lighting (which can also be used to decorate the walls) and sound systems and even screen films and videos on the wall of the tent. The only expensive bit will be installing a bar, although you can go as elaborate or as simple as you like with this.

For some parties, it can be best to keep things simple with decoration. In summer, for example, you can leave the floor as grass, open up the doors of the tent, install a great sound system and get everyone dancing in the sunshine and fresh air. You can even ask a band to play, making it just like your very own festival.

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