3 tips for throwing an amazing launch party

If you’re launching a new product or brand, the best way to get the word out is to throw a launch party. The most successful launch event is one that is not only fantastic for those in attendance, but that get everyone else talking about it for weeks afterwards.

To make your launch event truly memorable and kick off the marketing campaign for your new product, follow these tips:

1. Get your venue sorted before you do anything else. Before you even start thinking about guest lists or even colour schemes, get your venue nailed down. Not only this, but get the venue right. Choose somewhere that suits the product or the brand. For example, a launch party for a sporting event could be held outside, whilst an event for large products (i.e. cars) would be best held in exhibition tent with enough space to accommodate them.

2. Invite guests the right way. You could draw in hundreds of people with the promise of a free bar, but to get the right guests, you need to have a clear strategy. Make use of social media to spread the word (perhaps call in a social media specialist to help) and make sure that any invitations have a very clear call to action.

3. Don’t forget to entertain your guests. So many party planners think that playing music and providing a bar will be enough to ensure that everyone has a great time – it won’t. You need to provide entertainment for your guests, something unique, memorable and compatible with the product.

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