3 Steps to Build Retail Brand Loyalty with an Amazing Event

People are shopping online more frequently and visiting your physical shop less and less often, if you even have one. But there’s nothing like being able to see and hold a product.

Multi-channel marketing is one of the best ways to turn a one-off customer into a brand enthusiast and an event can be a great addition to a customer’s brand experience. Here are the 3 steps to ensuring you make the most of your event:

1. Have clear goals

Make sure you have your event goals in mind throughout the whole of the planning process. If you want to reward loyal customers and get them raving about you to their friends, offer a prize draw for anyone who tweets at you throughout the event, if it’s to find new customers, make sure you collect data so you can measure how well your event has done.

2. Make people engage with your brand story

Make sure there are things for people to get stuck in with, ideally related to the story of your brand. Making your audience a part of the event will make their memories, learning, enjoyment, and brand support stronger. Rather than seeing your company as  a faceless business that supplies them with stuff, if they believe in the story of your brand they are much more likely to care about it.

3. Make your event work hard for you

Your event’s marketing impact can stretch much further than the attendees with clever use of social media and online marketing. Come up with ideas that make the event fun for people following it remotely and create high quality content from the event to share later.

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